Rubbish Recycling

If not properly managed, the disposal of rubbish can have an adverse impact on the environment and the health of the community. Rubbish Removal Gold Coast are proud Gold Coast Residents and we are passionate about the natural environment and rubbish recycling. You can be confident that Rubbish Removal Gold Coast will always dispose of hazardous waste appropriately and recycle anything we can, wherever possible.

Most of our customers are familiar with the benefits of recycling general household rubbish like plastic cartons, glass, aluminum and paper. However, the proper recycling and disposal of other electronic waste, or e-waste, is also extremely important. Common household items like TV’s, computers, printers, vacuum cleaners and hairdryers often end up in landfill which puts pressure on an already limited system and can be hazardous. Did you know computer screens and TV’s contain lead, mercury and arsenic which can leak out of landfill into waterways? We would hate to think of this happening to any of our beautiful Gold Coast waterways which is why Rubbish Removal Gold Coast make the environment a priority.

You can trust Gold Coast Rubbish Removal to dispose of all waste safely and appropriately. Just some of the areas our rubbish removal service covers:

  • tree and garden waste
  • general household waste
  • old furniture
  • e-waste
  • debris from storm damage
  • high rise rubbish
  • end of lease cleanups
  • white goods
  • asbestos

If it’s not listed, call us to discuss your rubbish removal needs.