Asbestos is widely known to be dangerous to one’s health. It has been found to cause lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. This is why if you’re renovating an older property and you suspect that asbestos has been used during its initial construction, proper asbestos removal must be observed to ensure your health and safety. Here are some of the most important things you should know about removing and transporting asbestos.

Hire The Right People To Remove Asbestos From Your Property

Homeowners can remove a maximum of 10 square meters of non-friable asbestos from their property without having to obtain certification from Queensland Health. You will also not need an environmental authority for the transport of regulated waste when transporting less than 250 kilograms of the material.

However, homeowners must obtain the services of al licensed commercial contractor when removing at least 250 kilograms of non-commercial non-friable asbestos. Similar services are also required when moving any amount of commercial non-friable and friable asbestos. (source)

Asbestos Removal Regulations Must Be Observed All Times

After removing asbestos from your property, it should be transported to the nearest waste and recycling centre on the Gold Coast. The waste should come with an environmental authority to transport regulated waste, as well as be wet down and double-wrapped with at least 0.2mm thick polyethylene sheets. The polyethylene sheets must be sealed with adhesive tape and placed within containers clearly labelled as “asbestos.” (source)

Use The Right Tools

When removing asbestos, you must never use power tools such as angle grinders, circular saws or electric sanders unless the equipment itself has a special attachment or device that prevents dust. Similarly, high-pressure water cleaners, compressed air, or conventional vacuum cleaners must not be used during the removal process.

Wear Protective Clothing

Because of the many health hazards of asbestos, wearing personal protective equipment or PPE is a must. This is to protect you from airborne asbestos fibres and dust. Amongst the recommended PPEs include a P2 disposable mask or a half-face respirator, disposable coverall, and boot covers or gumboots.

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