Moving House is stressful. In fact, research has shown that it comes a close third to bereavement and divorce in terms of stress levels. Moving Home is also a time when many of us realise we have been holding on to a lot of ‘stuff’ we no longer need. Many people in this situation choose to hold a garage sale, but others are faced with the reality that their ‘stuff’ is only suitable for the tip. That’s where a professional rubbish removal service can help. A professional can quickly and safely remove all types of rubbish and dispose of it appropriately. Don’t strain your back or worry about how you will fit everything in your car. Let us take care of it for you!

What can I do to make my move less stressful?

At Rubbish Removal Gold Coast, we get calls nearly every day from panicked people begging us to please please please help them out of a fix! They’ve left their packing to the last minute and have more rubbish than they thought. Add to this the fact that they have to be out of the property TOMORROW! Luckily, we can almost always help, but it does pay to start packing early. It is highly likely that you have more rubbish than you think. As a guide, we suggest you start packing 2-3 weeks before your actual moving day.

It is also a good idea to book your rubbish removal service early. That way, you can coordinate, cleaners, removalists and any other services you need so there isn’t a huge rush all at once. Gold Coast Rubbish removal will give you a quote over the phone and can remove rubbish from all types of buildings including high rises.

How Do I Choose a Reputable Operator?

If you’re moving house, you need your services to turn up when they say they will. Trevor from Rubbish Removal Gold Coast has been removing rubbish for over 17 years and understands how important it is to be punctual. He suggests you ask friends and family for recommendations, read reviews and feedback about the company, and if you’re still not sure, give each contractor a call. A friendly, helpful voice on the other end is often the deciding factor when it comes to booking a contractor!

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