Dumping your green waste in the bin can feel all too easy. Who will know? Why should I pay for green waste removal when I already pay Council rates?

The truth is dumping your green waste in the bin does cost you. Green waste in general waste bins is an environmental and financial problem for Council, and the costs associated with managing the problem are ultimately passed onto the rate payer.

Green Waste in General Waste Bin: Don’t Do It

A 2014 survey showed that approximately 32% of waste collected by Council was green waste in general waste bins. The contamination of general waste with green waste presents the following problems for Council:

  • Increased labour costs (staff having to manually sort through waste and remove remnants of green waste)
  • Increased transport costs
  • Environmental (incorrect disposal of green waste fills up landfill faster than necessary)
  • Risks of leachate and methane generation

Affordable Green Waste Removal on the Gold Coast

Don’t put your green waste in the bin, call us instead. Our green waste removal service is affordable and efficient.

We can remove all types of green waste including

  • Grass clippings
  • Tree trunks and branches
  • Leaves and cuttings
  • Twigs and other yard debris

Free quotes and same day service available.